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If friendship and romance keep the world turning around, then Dating for Life keeps it spinning!
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Do you still remember when you were pushed out of the nest called high school and you fell right into the real world? GIG pits the bonds of a garage band and a budding romance against the inevitability of time when a bunch of high school kids must decide whether to attend college, work, or be drafted into the Viet Nam War.

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Hsweetestdayere’s a VALENTINE’S DAY gift for you to give to ANYONE you consider sweet—a FREE DATING FOR LIFE e-book.

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In the modern era, you can exist virtually. Your smart phone keeps you connected to information via millions of apps for any functionality. Sadly, information and connection are two different things. Texting, Facebook, Tweeting, and even e-mails are one-way forms of communication that should be used to provide information. But to truly stay connected, you need to be connected.

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