Do you know anyone who is complaining that they are still single because no potential boyfriend or girlfriend meets all the criteria?  I hear comments all the time, such as “He could be a better conversationalist,” or “She hangs with her girlfriends all the time,” etc. My question to you:  Are you a buyer or a seller?  Purchasing agents are wired to be “tough to sell” because they put out objections. But in the dating world, if you want to date successfully, it’s all about selling.  You should focus your energies on “What will my date like to talk about?” Or, “Why does she hang with her girlfriends? Could I be taking her to places that she would like to go?”

In our Me-Me generation, too many times, individuals are focused upon themselves. When you take someone out, the onus is on you to show the other person a good time.  That doesn’t mean doing what you want to do.  It means doing what you both should want to do.

Girls—my grandmother said it best:  “The man chases the girl until SHE finally catches him.”  You need to be able to sell yourself in attracting men and be open to the possibilities, but also be “hard to get” once they are interested. There’s nothing wrong with being alluring—men are wired to chase.  Remember, starting out on a date by being hard to get will only get you one thing—no second date.

Men—there is a huge difference between being a “bad boy” and “playful.”  Girls always talk about wanting a guy who is a “bad boy”—someone that pushes the edge. In fact, this isn’t the case.  Girls don’t want men who are pushovers.  Girls like intrigue and mystery in a man, but when it comes to relationships, they also want someone who sincere and a gentleman.  Men that play the role of being aloof and/or act like a “jerk” are acting more like the purchasing agent rather than selling themselves.  Think about being playful but true.

In the end, it’s all about selling yourself if you want to get the order!

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