If you are content, then you are comfortable, complacent, fulfilled, pleased as punch, fat dumb and happy, smug, even tickled pink. Overall, you can’t complain. But are you happy? People who are passionate aren’t always content. Why? Because passion is a fervent desire to achieve, create, make change happen, make a difference, make a statement. People who are passionate don’t accept the status quo.

Can you be happy and content?  A good question for sure. I know that passionate people are never content with the status quo. Passionate people are happy pursuing their quests. Fictional Don Quixote wasn’t content in prison, but was certainly happy. My guess is that Gates, Jobs, and Zuckerberg found happiness in pursuit of their quests, but none were ever content.

But what about a romantic partnership?  Should you be content with your partner? Most people are, but I’m not sure that their happiness is consistent.  Think about the couple that goes through their routines, day in and day out, and their happiness is externally generated. Perhaps they go on the annual vacation. Perhaps a weekly movie is fun, or bowling night. But is the couple happy?

I would suggest that Dating for Life means that romance should never die, and a continual date means always pushing for new ways to cultivate love. Something as simple as bringing home two chocolate covered cherries for a post-dinner treat may do the trick. Unfortunately, couples that are content assume that chivalry is the exception rather than the rule. Passionate couples may never be content with their relationship, but consistently extraordinarily happy.

Remember what made your first few dates magical, and never alter what gets you to the altar!

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