NYE DFLEveryone makes fun of New Year’s Resolutions, probably because they are rarely kept.  But think what a powerful opportunity you have to truly become a different person in some aspect, or to achieve a noteworthy goal. Let’s think about relationships—one that you’re currently in, or establishing a relationship with someone you may not have even met yet.  For you to change, first you have to reflect on the past year or more and ask yourself what you could have done differently in a given situation. Although there are always two sides to every story, the change you find you need is related to your ability (or inability) to connect with another individual at some level.

In my book, Dating for Life, any relationship you establish or grow, whether romantic, friendship, or family-based, boils down to learning how to “date” and why it matters to “never stop dating.”  Although Dating for Life is a methodology for living life and has chapters devoted to individuals in all walks of life, the one constant is to apply chivalry to those you encounter.

As 2014 approaches, think about someone whom you would like to get to know better.  Reach out to this person and invite them out.  Find an activity that you both would like to do; set no expectations other than to have a nice time; learn and grow; and always express gratitude.  I guarantee you will have one good “date.” For the second date, repeat my instructions for the first date. Get the point?

I hope you had a fulfilling 2013, and that 2014 will be wonderful as well. With few exceptions, you have the power to make this happen.

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