The root word of “Date” is Didonal, an ancient Greek term which means, “to give.” Therefore, when someone, (anyone) asks you out, his or her job is to honor you by giving you a good time. If your friend asks you to an event, if a business colleague invites you out, if a long-time spouse plans a date, or especially on a first date, the person doing the inviting needs to show some initiative in planning a date that will be enjoyable for the guest. It’s that simple. When a guy shows up on a date unshaven and unprepared, and his opening line is, “Whassup?” The proper response should be, “Apparently nothing.” Quite frankly, it’s bad form for a guy to ask out a girl with plenty of advance notice and then not find out what activities will be appreciated by both parties and plan a suitable date. It’s outright appalling for the same person to not plan at all.

Now, let’s look at the flip side. The person who is being honored by a date also needs to reciprocate by appreciating the effort extended by the host, and receive whatever efforts are extended with grace and appreciation.  It’s poor taste for the person being take out to be a “taker.” In dating, turn-about is fair play, and if the person taken on a date is treated with best intentions, then it’s good form to be a good date as well. I feel badly for guys that try to show a girl a good time, but because she doesn’t have a future interest in the person, she acts bored. Advice—LOSE the date. You don’t need to carry her baggage. Grace is a misunderstood word. A person that forgives or donates money provides grace. But gratis is the Latin root word for Grace, which also means to be pleasing, to praise, and to be grateful.

Ladies—if anyone takes you out and the date show effort and initiative, reciprocate by at least being a friend. You never know when that acquaintance could open another door that could change your life positively forever. Dating is a two-way street.

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