Why has TV drama become so blood thirsty? As Time’s issue on Serial Killing quotes, “The Grim Reaper has had to get creative.” What’s the effect on real killings? Does art imitate life or vice versa? What is clear is that society has become desensitized to violence.

Now lets look at dating. A Pews Institute survey found that 50% of the greatest generation (post-World War II) believed that marriage was one of the most important cornerstones in an individual’s life. Today, 20% of the millennial generation believes the same thing. There are over 1500 dating sites with on-line dating being a $1.2 billion business in the USA alone. Couples want romance, yet they mock it at the same time. For years TV soap operas broadcast infidelity, and primetime reality TV shows and blockbuster movies mock marriage. Everyone wants a quick fix. We have become desensitized to romance.

A girl receives a text message from a guy. “Hanging at Meat Bar from 9 on—be there.” The normal reply is, “Sure” and she and/or some girlfriends dress up and go to this bar, only to drink for several hours before various couples splinter, often to various bachelor pads to further “hang out” for an overnight. The odds of a true relationship lasting from a bar stool is 2%.

If I have to explain this to any girls, then you need to remember that nothing has really changed for hundreds of years. The MAN chases the woman until SHE finally catches him. Girls who are easy to get are easy. Guys are linear puppy dogs. They take the path of least resistance and if they don’t have to prep for a date, or even properly groom, and then they won’t. The primary reason that guys are getting married much later in life is that life is good just the way it is.

I’m sure that most millennial girls will say, “Hey, if I don’t comply, then I’m the odd one out.” You would be partially correct. It takes a community, and more and more women need to band together in order to re-establish chivalry. If I were to compare hunting to dating, what’s going on in this world is that the hunter can walk into a fenced in game preserve and kill whatever he needs for his daily sustenance. Accordingly, he doesn’t even need to be much of a hunter. In today’s world, guys don’t need to practice chivalry because the game is easy. They are desensitized to a world where parties abound and scoring is easy.

Girls—remember that you are still the object of a man’s fancy. Make it harder to get and you’ll see a reemergence of gentlemen in your world.

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