fallinginloveagainThe “pursuit of love” is a misnomer because of the context in which it is used. Adjectives to the word “pursuit” include hunt, conquest, even stalking. In a hunt, to one side will be deemed victorious. In a conquest, the saga is often time sensitive. Does it make sense to pursue the title of “man or wife”, set your goal within a defined time frame with focused intent to win the game?  Perhaps you are better suited to be a professional athlete, where every season has a climax and then resets the following year.

The “pursuit of love” is rather an art form, applied repeatedly in the form of Dating for Life. When one person “falls in love” and yet the other person didn’t, this is tragic, but not catastrophic. Initially falling in love is actually falling in lust. The brain sends endorphins within seconds when stimulated.  It has been proven that true love must be confirmed by the heart much further downstream. Because true love can only be when two people participate. When you feel that you could love someone, and the chemistry isn’t a two way street, move on. It wasn’t true love.

But when two people truly “fall in love” this is magic. As I have stated before, you can’t make the magic happen, but you can preserve it. Dating for Live makes every day a date with life in celebrating what you have with your partner. Once two people have fallen in love, it is absolutely possible to fall in love all over again, day after day. Chivalry should never die nor be put on life support either. It should be an active verb for any age. Romance is a verb, not a noun. Prince Charming doesn’t have to be a young stud to put the glass slipper on his princess. To me, it is much more romantic if a prince of any age continues to place the glass slipper on to the love of his life, year after year. That glass slipper was never meant to be placed in a trophy case, but put to use day after day.


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