Crystal SlipperWhy is it that the classic tales of love address the “pursuit of love” and not the “preservation of love?” Prince Charming rescues Cinderella; Sleeping Beauty is awakened by the handsome prince by the kiss of true love. The Beast is released from his spell by being kissed by a beauty. Now fast forward ten, twenty or thirty years and what do you have?  Does Prince Charming have a beer belly and hang out with the guys watching sports? Does Cinderella trot off to yoga class with her gal-pals? Is Sleeping Beauty now a size 14, having lost all self-esteem because her prince is off kissing other younger beauties? Even worse, did the Beast turn back into a beast with regard to how he treats his wife?

Never assume “Happily Ever After.” It doesn’t work that way? Like the old Smith Barney investment commercials featuring John Houseman, you need to approach LOVE the “old-fashioned way. You need to earn it.” But how?

Isn’t the spark of romance generated by the pursuit of bliss? Men are hunters and they need to hunt, right? Women are gatherers and playing hard to get keeps the man in conquest. However, at the altar, when they both say “I do,” does this mean “I don’t” have to pursue this relationship anymore, because it’s mine? Be careful what you wish for, or what you assume. You will get a relationship, for better or for worse, and by not investing in it, it’s a safe bet that your relationship will be the latter.

In my next few articles, I will describe how to preserve what should be the most cherished thing you will ever receive in life—LOVE.  And Dating for Life can help you preserve it!  Stay tuned.


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