part5“It’s really not my habit to intrude…”

The first line, second verse of Paul Simon’s great song sends a message. Strong partners let each other stand on their own. Offer help when asked or it isn’t received as anything but imposing.  Dating for Life is about enjoying each day in the great date with life. Whether you are on a first date or entering your 25th year of marriage, here are some ways to be a partner without imposing. Here are the fifth five of fifty pointers on how you can make things special in your ANY relationship.

21)   Never date someone with the idea that you are eventually going to change him or her. It won’t work. You should think more how you can adapt to make the relationship work, assuming we are talking about harmless quirks and not mean-spirited behavior.

22)  To pry is to exhibit mistrust. You don’t build a bond in any relationship by second-guessing your colleague, date, or life-long partner.

23)  Care from afar. Be there to lend support, but don’t orchestrate someone else’s life.  This also applies to raising children. The child becomes strong with the establishing of core values and guidance, but not through the Tiger Mom syndrome.

24)  The best relationship is when two people have their own lives, but dove-tail continuously throughout the day via mutual interests, i.e. children, hobbies, home management, even work. You can’t ever live someone else’s life and have a life of your own. Be yourself by self-actualizing and you become a strong, better partner.

25)  Movies and television shows portray intruders as home invaders and psychopaths. Ironically, one opposite word to “intrude” is “please.”  Keep this in mind when you pursue a relationship that is Dating for Life.

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