fiftyways“I’d like to help you in your struggle to be free…”

The third line of Paul Simon’s great song sometimes is telling. How does one help another?  Dating for Life is about enjoying the day, and enjoying the date. Whether you are on a first date or entering your 25th year of marriage, here are some ways to help your partner for the day (and date) be free. Here are the fourth five of fifty pointers on how you can make things special in your ANY relationship.

16)  Being supportive rather than critical.  Most partners want to be heard rather than helped.  Be a good listener and ask what you can do to help rather than first offering help.

17)  How do you start your day with a significant other?  Do you wish your partner a wonderful day and tell them how much you appreciate him or her, or do you just say, “See you later” or even worse, “good-bye.”

18)  How to you communicate with your partner through the day?  Do you send functional e-mails or texts only (or not at all) or do you send some form of correspondence that is uplifting and supportive?

19)  When you first get back together, after a prior date, or after a being apart for just a day, do you express happiness to see the other or do you use your partner to unload about your problems of the day?

20)     When it’s time to say good-night, and this means either at the door of your date’s home, or side-by-side on the pillow, do you express gratitude?  Here’s a hint:  ALWAYS tell your date (and partner) that you had a nice date at the end of the evening. You’ll be amazed how well this works to ending any day on a supportive, positive note.  You’ll find that you definitely help your partner in his or her “struggle to be free.”  Freedom is empowerment. Be supportive!

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