part6“Furthermore I hope my meaning won’t be lost or misconstrued…”

Ask many couples that have celebrated their golden anniversary how they kept their marriage vibrant, and the will tell you that they never stopped dating.  Sometimes they will say that they make each other laugh. Respect is a big value too, but I would suggest that the art of communication is the thread holding all of these wonderful attributes together. Here are five tips on ways to please your lover through the art of communication:

26)  Good communication begins with attentive listening. You can never reply accurately to anyone if you didn’t hear them correctly from the start.

27)  Learn to “hear between the lines.” Sometimes it’s not what is being said, but what is not being said. But clarify what you think to be true. Never assume what you are interpreting to be true. Clarify.

28)  Always speak honestly, with no underlying agenda.  Manipulation never works in the end. Neither does “Womanipulation.”

29)  Any good communication is the spoken word because it is interactive. Face-to-face is always best because all reactions can be gauged. SKYPE or FACETIME is a near second. Telephone communication is a poor third, but certainly infinitely better than e-mails, which are one-way communication. Texting is a horrible form of communication except for relaying facts, locations, confirming appointments etc.

30)  After a meaningful exchange, whether happy, sad, pragmatic, romantic etc, it is always good to end a conversation with a wrap up that confirms both party’s understanding and possible follow-up plan. Good communication is the thread that ties together any two people: siblings, parent/child, friends, colleagues or soul mates.  It is also the foundation for  Dating for Life.

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