It is finally spring season, and everyone in the dating scene is thinking about getting their “grove on.” Although I appreciate that dating is game of sorts, and it’s better to bring your “A” game rather than not, keep in mind that the most important thing in forming or keeping any relationships is to get your “good on.”

Contrary to popular belief, the good guys always finish first for several reasons. First of all, if you are posing to be someone that you are not, then you are forming a relationship with someone on shifting sands.  Ultimately, the true-you will surface, and you’re going to have to re-establish a relationship based upon deception. Of course the worst deception would be for someone married to be playing in a singles game, but no deception is going to work in the long run. Be true to yourself. Secondly, if your true-self doesn’t attract the ideal persons that you target, it may require you to search within to find out why.  More than not, if you look beyond the exterior image of someone that attracts you, you may find that the true soul of that person was the reason that you didn’t connect. Beauty is only skin deep, although that’s a tough concept to understand for most mere mortals.

Just like the phrase, “money can’t buy happiness”, neither can classic good looks. I can give you three examples:

  1. Some of the most endearing movie actors and actresses aren’t model-esque in their looks, but have figured out how to take their quirks and make them endearing.
  2. Some of your best friends may be presentable but not necessarily “rock stars”, and yet they are still your best friends. Examine why you are attracted to them, and you may have a better understanding how romantic relationships should work.
  3. I’ve interviewed endless couples who are deeply in love. Each couple will tell you that to them, they love their partner deeply, and every flaw in its own way is endearing to them.

With Spring-fling season upon us, more than ever it’s time for some spring cleaning in your approach to relationships and get your “good on.” To thyself be true!

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