My grandmother gave me sage words of advice years ago. Again, this is for girls only! She sat me down and said, “A man chases a woman until she finally catches him.”

I have repeated her advice to many girls, and to my surprise, many don’t fully understand its meaning. Maybe that’s the problem!

Let’s revisit knights in shining armor and chivalry. Essentially, two big jocks fight with one another and, and the winner gets a rose thrown his way by a lady of the court.  Not much has changed. Girls, let me set the record straight. (And by doing this, I may lose my man-card…) Guys are very much like puppy dogs.

  1. Puppies dogs are playful, and would rather have a good time than not.
  2. Puppies are linear in their actions; tell them to sit and they will sit.
  3. Puppy dogs want to please, but you have to tell them how to behave.
  4. Puppy dogs love to chase; throw the stick and they will fetch it.
  5. Puppy dogs also like rewards for good behavior, not punishment.

When a guy asks you out, tell them what you’d like to do in a polite way—don’t beat around the bush. They won’t get it. Chances are they’ll have a good time no matter what it is you want to do.

If your date shows up unprepared, you need to set the tone sweetly but immediately. You aren’t going to change a man after too long, because the pattern is set. If he won’t change early on, it’s enough of a red flag that he’s not worth dating. A friend of mine’s daughter just married a guy that she assumed she could change after the altar. The marriage lasted under one year.

And playing “hard to get” will get what you want.  It’s been that way since Cleopatra won over Anthony. Men are hard wired to chase. A super majority of them dig femininity, too; they get enough “macho” in the locker rooms. Let them chase you until you catch them. And as you play “hard to get,” also be “hard to forget.”

Never abuse your innate and awesome powers. Remember that an abused puppy dog usually turns mean, and with good reason. Abuse the power of your feminine lures, and you will ruin a perfectly good relationship. If you keep these simple points in mind, you will develop a great relationship in crescendo!

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