Let’s play a little game. Below are listed some famous couples. You tell me if you feel that each couple is “in lust” or “in love.”

  • Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson
  • Jack and Barbara Nicklaus
  • George and Barbara Bush
  • Elizabeth Barrett and Robert Browning
  • Andre Agassi and Steffi Graf
  • Bill and Melinda Gates

Okay, maybe I made this test too easy.  The answer should be “all the above.” You can bet that each of these couples had their ups and downs. High profile celebrities have considerably tougher lives amid the entire splendor, because of their extraordinary lives. In essence, their lives aren’t their own.  But like any couple and unlike the Captain and Tennille’s song “Love will keep us Together” this isn’t really the case. Love is preserved, first and foremost, by maintaining trust and respect, but love grows through the continual process of “Dating for Life.”

Each of these couples has multiple businesses and daily pressures. But their relationship isn’t all business. The Greek word “didonal” is the root word for dating. It means, “to give.” By continually dating, these couples are “re-honoring” each other on a continual basis. Chivalry never wanes.

If love and romance make the world go around, then dating for life keeps it spinning.

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