The extended time from two weeks before Christmas until Valentine’s Day is known as National Heartbreak Season. Why? Because couples often break up before a holiday, and because very few people want to establish a new relationship JUST before a sentimental holiday. I’m announcing to all those 62 million singles in America that from February 15 commences National Spring Fling season. Spring is in the air, at least in Florida, and it creeps northward until hitting International Falls Minnesota by mid-May (51 degrees average temperature by then.) Guys, it’s time for chivalry to come out of hibernation and start planning some fun dates. Remember the first key to Dating for Life—find something that both you and your date want to do, so that you’re starting out on the right foot. And don’t be concerned that you may be “leading your date” on with a bit of chivalry. Either romance happens or it doesn’t, but showing someone a nice time is important either way. You never know when your acts of kindness open the door to an important connection.

I’m also repeating my last message to those couples who have well-established relationships. Valentine’s Day should NOT be the once-a-year obligatory romantic date. Romance is an art form that requires continual practice. Dating for Life is a sure-fire way to keep your romance alive, and your relationship.

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