ESPN reporter Jeremy Schaap said that 21-year-old Manti Te’o answered all his questions in a calm voice, and tried to clear up the mysteries of his romance and lost love of a non-existent girl. Te’o denied being in on the hoax. “No. Never,” he said. “I wasn’t faking it. I wasn’t part of this.”

He provided a timeline and details of his relationship with Lennay Kekua, his virtual sweetheart, who went through an array of medical calamities before “dying” of leukemia in September, just hours after Te’o got real news of his grandmother’s death.

This sort of thing has been going on since Cyrano De Bergerac. The Internet is the world’s flea market:  you may find some amazing things but are also open to incredible scams. This is true of for members of the lonely-hearts club, apparently Te’o being one such individual. Message to anyone forming a relationship on-line: inspect what you expect. Corroborate what you hear via mutual connections, through Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, and ultimately physical meetings in public places. You can’t form a real relationship without real connection. It all starts with a date. reports that there are over 1400 dating sites in North America for anything from matching, mating, meet-ups, hook-ups, and for any possible type of individual based on religion, single or married, childless, parents or empty-nesters, from millennials to senior citizens. Some prospective daters are ready to date and some have too much baggage to fit through the front door. Some people are honest about their demographics, but many lie about their age, weight, physical build, income, and marital status. 10% of sexual predators are on-line.

Yet 20% of all relationships today exist because of on-line dating. It is FAR more efficient to meet qualified people through dating sites than from bars (2%) or family fix-ups (17%.) Just validate the information before investing your heart. If you don’t think that this is necessary, then I’d be happy to forward to you some Nigerian e-mails I’ve received asking you for your bank account information in order for you to be sent millions of dollars.  Good luck!

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