What does it mean to date for life?

Dating for Life is a methodology to some and a way of life for others. Ask the couples that have been happily together for decades and they’ll tell you in one way or another that they have been dating for life. But it all begins with the first date. All of us are on a date with life—how we approach each day matters. To the same extent how we approach each date matters as well.

Dating for Life, whether you’re on your own, with pals, or with a potential partner, is all about having a good time. It separates dating from romance, and suddenly going out becomes simpler, more meaningful and enjoyable, and most of all…more successful! You can’t make the magic happen, but you can sure lay down a good foundation. My Four Keys are simple principles that apply to any adult, married or single, with children or without.

Couples who understand the principles of Dating for Life show an earnest desire for harmony, which facilitates good communications to resolve conflict. Doing things together is what builds strong partnerships. Any couple that remains playful tends to realize that life is short and sweet. They wouldn’t risk upsetting their relationship without considerable reason. Trust and respect have been earned because of consistent chivalry, learning and growing, and gratitude.

Dating for Life is also a proactive therapy to prevent a relationship from atrophying. It is a cure to resurrect weakened relationships.  Couples who practice Dating for Life learn that simple pleasures and romance are priceless.

Whether you are a Millennial, a Boomer, or a Senior, the Four Keys to transforming dating for more fun and fulfillment help you become skilled in the lifelong art of dating.

And if you are already married, never alter what got you to the altar. No matter what phase of childrearing that you and your partner may be dealing with, the only surefire way to keep your romance alive is to keep dating!

If friendship and romance make the world go around, then Dating for Life keeps it spinning.


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