Did you ever think about how amazing DNA really is?  Essentially, you are pre-wired from birth to be disposed to physical attributes and even ailments. Just like a puppy with very large paws will grow into being a big dog, how you grow from your initial inception is DNA destiny.

Certainly your environment can impact how you develop. Accidents can alter physical attributes, as will your diet, habits and workout regimen. Education and exposure to culture will polish the jewel you could be for sure. But DNA is a big part of destiny.

Now consider your soul. Where DNA determines physicality and IQ, your spirit and belief systems determine your character. Attitude is a choice. Just ask Stephen Hawking or Nelson Mandela. But here’s the great news. Your SOUL isn’t prewired. It’s not streaming from your DNA. It comes from a higher power—one that’s tapped into the entire universe. The greatest news of all: you’ve always had the power to tap into that universe and alter your soul in the blink of an eye. It happens in every step you take, so do me a favor—take those steps toward good.

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