There are almost as many ways for people to get together as there are people. In North America alone, there are 1400+ on-line dating sites that cater to anything from millennials to seniors, singles versus married, with children, religion, activities, sugar daddies—more than you can imagine. There are dating services that cater to busy executives or members of the lonely hearts club.  There are group-oriented sites from meet-ups to swinging singles to pub crawls.

OKCupid just launched a $3 app that allows members to set-up blind dates on the fly within a twenty minute radius. The site has 3.8 million active users, which is paltry to’s 20 million and eHarmony’s 40 million members.

Facebook just launched Graph Search where you can find singles. It has a billion members and processes 2.7 billion “Likes” each day.  Can you imagine trying to get a date and having hundreds of “Likes” shot your way every day?  I got “Poked” enough when I used to be on Even after I quit the site when I met the love of my life, they continued to send me e-mails about all the cute girls that lived in my area. Sadly, the business of dating sites is to make sure you keep dating, or else they lose all their revenues.

Funny—all of these high tech concepts can find you all the candidates in the world, but if you don’t truly know how to give someone a truly good date, it doesn’t matter. In my next few blogs I’ll give you some time-honored pointers.

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