gigromaticI just read an article about lyricist and book writer Alan Jay Lerner, one of the legendary collaborators in the world of musicals. His collaboration with Frederick J. Loewe spawned some monster hits such as “My Fair Lady” and “Camelot.” Lerner led also one of Broadway’s most colorful personal lives, marrying eight times before he died at age 67 in 1986. In his autobiography, he admitted to being lousy at marriage. His daughter, Liza Lerner, one of his four children who are the offspring of three different Lerner wives, referred to her father as “A Gigantic Romantic.”

I take issue with this. Lerner was indeed passionate, and channeled this passion to writing compelling stories about love.  However, the deliverance and sustainability of love is the stuff of great romance. Lerner & Lowe wrote the musical “Brigadoon,” the story of a mythical village that only materializes every 100 years. In the story, Brigadoon will disappear for good if anyone tries to leave. Imagine how important you would treat a love affair if you only had a week to live it until succumbing to hibernation once again.

That is what Dating for Life is, my friends. Because you never know how long you have in any relationship, so live it vibrantly each and every day.  Chivalry matters. Cherish any love in your life, because unlike fairy tales, you don’t have a crystal ball to know the future. Unfortunately, Alan Jay Lerner may have been a “Gigantic Romantic” but he seemed to know more how to fall in love than to sustain it. It’s too bad that my book wasn’t available to him back in his day.


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