pursuitofloveThe “pursuit of love” is a misnomer in many ways. Young singles seek it by going “clubbing.”  Wait a minute, wasn’t that what cave men did long ago? Neanderthal one to Neanderthal two:  “Hey, let’s go out and get us some women! You distract em.’ I’ll sneak up from behind and club them over the head. We can drag them back to the cave.” Seriously, this has never been the pursuit of love, finding women. It’s the pursuit of possessions.

There is no cologne or snazzy outfit that you can wear that will flip the switch on love. You can’t make love happen but you can make like happen for sure. Going out with another individual is all about creating the environment for a nice time.  There are four keys to his described in detail in my book Dating for Life.

When love does happen, it is magical and certainly intoxicating. Men and women have been enthralled with the feeling of rapture since prehistoric times. Countless books, songs and movies have been produced about the pursuit of love. But not enough focus is given to the “preservation of love.”

Ask most couples about what “Happily Ever After” means and they will often refer to trust as the key. “He is a good man,” one will say. Or, “She has been a great mother to our children.” Many will tell you that the romance has dwindled, but the relationship is solid because it is comfortable. That isn’t “Happily Ever After” but rather “Stability Ever After.” Is this wrong?  Of course not. Trust is a cornerstone of a great relationship. Honor, integrity, servitude—all become the fabric of the individual and the relationship. But again, how do you preserve what should be the most cherished thing you will ever receive in life—LOVE.  Stay tuned.


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