THE SELF-FULFILLING PROPHECYA self-fulfilling prophecy is a strongly held belief or delusion, declared as truth when in actuality it is false, yet due to positive feedback between belief and behavior, becomes accepted as reality. When it comes to dating, what’s your self-fulfilling prophecy? The possibilities are endless, if you let them be:

  • “I don’t get along with jocks”
  • “Guys with motorcycles aren’t my type.”
  • “Career women are ball busters.”
  • “Older women are too set in their ways.”
  • “My husband doesn’t want to do anything I want to do anymore.”
  • “My wife is a stick-in-the-mud.”
  • “We’ve been together for years.  There’s no need to date anymore.”

You get my point. In one way or another, any person who harbors a skewed reason for not going out will validate their misconception. My suggestion to one and all—break the cycle and focus on one good reason to go out instead.

Doctors unanimously agree that the key to staying alive is to never stop moving. Health problems manifest when humans, old or young, don’t keep their bodies moving. In a similar sense, your relational health, which impacts your mental wellbeing will be vibrant if you keep going out. Folks, I am NOT referring to just dating romantically.  I am referring to DATING FOR LIFE, when every time you share an experience with another, it can and should be a date. There can be romance and chivalry in every relationship.  Don’t let your own paradigms about the world get in the way of having fun and enjoying life. The only prophecy you should carry as your mantra, is to live life in crescendo. Never stop dating.


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