Did you know that there are over 1500 dating sites in the United States alone?  A 2012 University of Rochester study reports that 23% of U.S. couples found their partners through online dating as of 2009.  EHarmony boasts that they contribute to 5% of American marriages.,, and fill out the list of biggies. But there are a whole lot of sites that cater to highly unique interests or backgrounds. Courtesy of Bloomberg Business Week March 4, 2013 here are some other choices for you:

  • – (250,000 users) and you thought farming was only for perishables.
  • – (750,000 users) only one in eight applicants is accepted.
  • – (3 million users) the bigger the wallet, the better you look.
  • Geek2Geek – (200,000 users) what’s the probability of a cogent relationship here?
  • – (4 million users) boys, the average age of a “cougar” is 39.
  • – (4000 users) hmmm, 1000x more cougars. Interesting…
  • – (100,000 users) average number of tattoos per user—7
  • – (30,000 users) first dating site for Apple fans. Where’s
  • – (15,000 users) is for lovers of cats. No comments on pussies, please.
  • (5,000 users) pilots and attendants fly together, but mostly on land.
  • (3,500 users) what’s the potential for test-tube babies here?

But I can guarantee that regardless of personal choice, it’s all an internet illusion until any two people finally meet and greet and go out on a date. And if the magic happens, the couples that keep dating together stay together. Dating for Life applies to any demographic. So does chivalry.

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