Business People Profit ChartTrue or False:

  1. On-line dating for everyone including married folks
  2. On-line dating is not very expensive
  3. Nearly everybody lies about their profile on-line
  4. On-line dating requires a strategy relative to the type of site
  5. The 3-day rule of getting back to a day is dead; Nexting requires next day follow-up
  6. Detox dating—Even less people that get married today met over a drink than 10 years ago.
  7. Ghosting is a coward’s way of getting out of a relationship
  8. Relationship churn—Nearly ½ of couples today break up and get back together at least once.
  9. The manicorn hunt. Women are obsessed ith finding the perfect guy, rather than someone who is a decent fit at first blush
  10. Men with headaches—Men are actually turning down sex more than women these days
  11. In bigger cities, a higher percentage of unmarried young women out earn young men than vice versa.
  12. 10% of women want to be proposed to with a serenade
  13. Globally, more women want out of marriages than men because they are trapped into the marriage by failed government policies
  14. Dating for Life is a proven way to honor any individual with good old fashioned chivalry.

Hint:  All are true!

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