WHAT’S YOUR TYPEI get a kick out of the algorithms that attempt to perfectly match two people together for dating or even for work. The first thing to understand is that ANY formula is based upon assumptions. The programmer “assumes” that certain attributes are attractions or detriments. These assumptions can be based upon prior psychological experiments or even data, as eHarmony would have you believe.  However, how do these factors enter into the equation?

  1. Values instilled by parents and environment?  The same individual, if raised by a different set of parents will have different values.  This can vary greatly if the parents and culture is based in a different part of the world, where society and religious customs are vastly different.
  2. Timing or urgency of an individual to desire a mate. Motivation matters. Someone suffering through a loss, or from the stress of work will not be inclined to hunt for a partner, for example.
  3. Endorphins and chemical reaction?  It is a fact that often the initial attraction of one individual to another has to do with endorphins. The mind is stimulated by the first look.  All the algorithms in the world can’t predict this.\

In truth, you can perhaps reduce your odds of finding a good match by getting on various dating sites and sorting through your preferences to find various suitable candidates, but the only proven way to find someone to spend time with is to spend time with that person.  Stop hiding behind the computer and get out there and date. Only be sure that when you go out, you are entering into an activity that both you and your date want to do. That is step one in Dating for Life.


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