According to Statistics Brain, 45 percent of Americans normally make New Year’s Day resolutions. Roughly 8 percent of all resolutions are actually considered successful. Why? To merely wish for something is folly without an action plan.   Such is true of Valentine’s Day. Is Valentine’s Day an obligatory day where you have to feign “romantic” and then get back to your normal self? Does Cupid go back into hibernation on February 15 until the following year? Is Valentine’s Day just another greeting card holiday?  It is if that’s how you look at it.

I propose that you make a Valentine’s Day VOW to honor and cherish your partner every day, and let V-Day be Day One.   Be your own Cupid and take “AIM” and be “Always Intimacy Motivated.”  Put an action plan in place with Dating for Life. Love is never static—it either exists in crescendo or in decrescendo. Every little thing you do for your significant other—a playful tussle, a surprise act of kindness, a meaningful, empathetic discussion—further pushes your relationship upward (towards heaven.)  Likewise, every inconsiderate, mean-spirited, or apathetic action drives the spiral downward (towards hell.)  Good and evil are real, and your actions reinforce either side.

Dating for Life in every sense embraces the Golden Rule. In case you don’t know it’s meaning, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Therefore, anyone you spend time with is essentially a “date” and you honor each person with your chivalry.  Above all, however, the Golden Rule and chivalry apply most to the person that should mean the most to you—your romantic partner. Despite the complicated, crazy life that you may lead, on Valentine’s Day, lose the lists, and focus on honoring your partner. And make a resolution to continue the practice each and every day with one small act of kindness or chivalry. Trust me—it is well worth the effort.

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