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Feeling good on my first book review!

Feeling good on my first book review! Book Review: Rio- The Street Kid Stargazer by Craig S. Wilson Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Genre: Fiction Age Recommended: 14 and up This book is an advance copy, courtesy of the author himself (who found me on Twitter)! This book was a great read and the […]


Valentine’s Day, one of the original greeting card days, wasn’t designed to honor somebody named Valentine. It was designed to sell greeting cards. Columbus Day honors Christopher Columbus. President’s Day honors American Presidents. Veteran’s Day honors our veterans.  Truly, V-DAY is a misnomer.  However, Valentine moments each day throughout the year makes all the difference […]


It’s going to be an invasion. You don’t know where the beachhead will occur, but you are destined to be taken over. The messages have been sent but are encrypted. V-Day is underway. It’s not a violent overthrow. Sadly February 14 can also signify “National I am Single Day.” Don’t worry. You’re not a bad […]

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