The four keys to Dating for Live, in case you forgot are:

  1. Pursue common interests
  2. Set no expectations
  3. Learn and grow
  4. Express gratitude

So, you say, I don’t need to do any of this.  I do things MY way. (I could expand on this entire scenario.  “It’s all about me.  Men are worthless.  Women are worthless. Why invest any money in someone who isn’t THE one….”)  My point to you is that if you aren’t Dating for Life, then you are, in part, Dating for Strife!

Let me explain:

  1. Don’t pursue common interests

“I’m a guy, and I like wrestling. I’m going to ask someone out, and when she accepts, THAT’s what we’re going to do.”  Congratulations, you are well on your way to having a bad date, and probably a one-timer.

“I’m a girl, and he’s cute, so no matter what he decides to do, I am going to fake having a good time. I can change him later…”

Congratulations, you are well on you way to being miserable, and if you haven’t learned it by now, people don’t change.

  1. Set ALL kinds of expectations

“Her profile fits me like a glove. SHE’S the one.”

“He looks dreamy on his profile. I’m pulling out all the stops to snare this guy.”

“This guy is a loser, but I have no options, so I’ll take the date because I want to see this show.”

Didn’t you know that when mankind makes plans, God chuckles?  You can’t make love happen, nor the events that transpire over an evening. Why not just be open to the possibilities you may have a fun date and leave it at that?

  1. I don’t want to learn and grow.

Oscar Wilde said it best. “Only the shallow know themselves.”  You always become a more interesting person by comparing ideas and experiences with others. It takes patience, but every single human being on this planet has something to share. It’s YOUR job to find out what that pearl of wisdom is.

  1. Why should I express gratitude?

I really don’t need to comment on this, do I?

Dating for Life does NOT mean dating someone exclusively forever.  One date may be the only time you ever see this person, but your one-time meeting may lead to an unforgettable connection—a business associate, friend or partner for life. THAT’s Dating for Life.

Burn a bridge and you’ll guarantee bad karma moving forward. That’s Dating for Strife.

Get it?