datinginsightsEveryone wants to use technology to make their lives better.  However, when it comes to dating, the “high touch” still matters.

  1. Current on-line dating technology may help you find a partner.  But Martin Zwilling of Forbes writes that there are over 2500 on-line dating sites in the USA with 1000 more opening every year—only 1% survive. (8000 sites globally) The market is glutted, and only reason that someone would create a new site is because of the lure of over 90 million singles between ages 19 & 45 in the market. However, there is an increase in on-line fraud. For starters, 40% of on-line daters are already married. Solution:  As only 3% of bar-stool dates work out and 17% of family/friend fix-ups work out, on-line dating is a fast and efficient way to meet people. But don’t buy into LOVE happening because of things written on line, or a nicely crafted profile.  On-line dating is merely a way to refine a list of possible dates and meet people more efficiently.
  2. Technology in the form of genetic testing is soon coming available to determine the perfect match.  (HA!)  Rex Huppke of the Chicago Tribune reports that scientists have discovered a DNA gene called 5-HTTLPR that they nick-named the “Love Gene.”  This gene is involved in the body’s regulation of the hormone serotonin, which controls your feelings of elation. The length of one’s Love Genes can predict how emotions will affect a relationship.  A person who has two shorter Love Genes tends to feel the highs and lows of a marriage more deeply.  People who have one or two longer Love Genes are less bothered by the emotional ups and downs of a relationship.  Rex jokingly wants to see an iPhone app with a DNA swab attachment, whereby a single guy could “cut to the chase” and jab a woman in the bar to determine what kind of Love Gene she had. This way, he wouldn’t be wasting time if there wasn’t a match.  Wouldn’t that be fun to watch in your neighborhood pub? Solution: Let someone else be the guinea pig.
  3. Texting trends:  Apparently the only thing better than a great date is for a gal to get a next-day text from the guy she was with.  The three-day rule of follow-up is out.  According to a study, 50% of guys reach out within 24 hours of a date.  There is also a trend where chicken-guys are no-longer e-dumping but text-dumping a relationship.  Thanks to Snapchat or Poke, people were also “Sexting” by sending sexually suggestive or outright pornographic selfies to potential mates via these two “secure services that erase the files within a few hours.”  The only problem is that those files really weren’t erased on the mainframes that transmitted them.  OOPS! What’s even wilder is that several men have actually proposed marriage via text. Solution: Forget the “hi tech” and go back to “hi touch.”

More to follow!  In the meantime, keep reading DATING FOR LIFE”.  Trust me, chivalry is not dead!


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