lovedadSoon we will be celebrating Father’s Day.  It’s a quirky, American Greetings-type day for sure.  It doesn’t take much to become a father, just some frisky spermatozoa, which actually deserves the credit for its arduous journey.  However, it takes a whole lot more to BE a father.  Familyshare.com has a posting that describes nine qualities in detail that make up a great father. To paraphrase:

  1. He is a steady provider
  2. He is a protector
  3. He is a teacher
  4. He is a friend
  5. He lives by example
  6. He lives by honor
  7. He is a disciplinarian
  8. He is a spiritual leader
  9. He treats his wife like a queen and shares the workload as a partner

I would argue that quality #9 needs to be on top, for without supporting a partner with love, devotion and chivalry, the family unit will be stressed if not torn apart. Perhaps that is one of the reasons there is a near 50% divorce rate for first marriages. Unfortunately, when a father or mother become all-consumed with parenting, often romance takes a back seat, and the spontaneity of a vibrant relationship becomes “old hat.”

Still, married or divorced, its not too late to give the perfect gift to any DAD who may have forgotten why it’s important to be Dating for Life. The origin of the word “Date” is the Greek term didonal which means “to give.” Cherish any love in your life and treat that person to a good date. Chivalry and respect matter from a father to a daughter or son; from a daughter or son to a father; and from a spouse to a husband. Enjoy your Father’s Day.