Reed Tucker, writer for the NY Post, wrote a timely article on January 6, 2013. The period from pre-Christmas to Valentine’s Day has now come to be known as “National Breakup Season,” a time when couples are more than twice as likely to call it quits as the rest of the year.

Reed references that data cruncher David McCandless analyzed more than 10,000 status updates on Facebook in 2010, and found that breakups began climbing at the end of November, peaking just before Christmas. Another spike appeared just before spring. The article describes some telltale signs to predict when the axe may fall, such as no physical intimacy, less chit chat in e-mails or texts, or when one partner wants the other one to change.

I contend that the primary reason National Breakup Season could even exist is that these couples weren’t practicing the principles of dating for life.  What could be a more joyous time than the holiday seasons and Valentine’s Day, that is if you are with the right person. Therefore, when a distressed couple first met, did they form their relationship beyond mere physical attraction?  Do they have a great deal in common? Do they like to do things together all the time?  Chances are the relationship doesn’t have enough connectivity for make its bonds strong.

If their relationship began with strong connectivity, but each partner failed to practice chivalry and continue great dating practices, then the once sterling silver partnership has now tarnished. No matter how busy life becomes, nothing could be more important than true love—never sacrifice it for other pursuits.

The good news for ALL COUPLES—Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Begin your chivalry NOW and rekindle the flames. Don’t wait and bring home the predictable cliché card and roses. Surprise your lover with a unique, true-to-you date. I guarantee you’ll see a weary partner come to life. Finally, if your surprise works well, then maybe you’ll understand that you should never stop dating, no matter how long you’ve been together! #DatingforLife  matters.