Dating for Life separates dating from romance, and suddenly dating becomes simpler, more meaningful and enjoyable, and most of all…more successful!

Whether you are a Millennial, a Boomer, or a Senior, I’ve outlined Four Keys to transforming dating for more fun and fulfillment with easy-to-use tools to help any and all become skilled in the lifelong art of dating. Should your date turn into romantic potential, Dating for Life teaches you how to remove the stress, leaving room for magic to happen. And if you are already married, with or without kids, never alter what got you to the altar. Keep dating!

Although Dating for Life is a book anyone and everyone can benefit from and enjoy, I addressed male readers so they may gain a deeper understanding of how to date and build better partnerships.  Women also benefit from these insights, especially from the typical guy’s questions posed in the Male Skeptic’s Corner, because the book also contains Women’s Perspective insights. Ladies, we both know your guy probably needs this book but won’t buy it, so I’m depending upon you to purchase it, read it first, and then give it to him.

As of the 2010 USA census, there were roughly 107.3 million unmarried people 18 years or older in America. Of this number, roughly 59% have never been married, another 27% were divorced or separated, and 13% are widowed. All should be dating for life, but according to a survey by It’s Just Lunch, half of all singles haven’t had a date in over two years!

There are an additional 61.9 million U.S.A. married couples that could be dating each other for life. Of these 123.8 million people, most of them aren’t.

This means 231.1 million people in America could, and all should be dating for life. The population of the United States represents barely 5% of the global population. This means there are billions of people who should be dating for life, but probably aren’t.

Dating doesn’t have to be complicated, yet the world of dating seems to be more problematical than ever. Staying together appears to be even tougher. Marriage rates are at an all-time low, and divorce rates are at an all-time high. Dating for Life and its Four Keys will help you simplify your relationships for now and for all time.

All of us go out. Best friends book a date to run in the park after work; a father takes his daughter out for sushi; two pals hit a sports bar to watch Monday Night Football; widows take in a movie on a Sunday afternoon after church; newlyweds go on a five-day honeymoon; a nervous teenage boy takes a shy girl to prom. Each occasion is a date, at least according to one definition in Merriam-Webster. Ironically, the ancient Greek origin of the word “date” is “didonal” which means, “to give.” Technically, you are giving someone a date, not taking him or her on one.

This book is not about hustling dates. It won’t give you great pick-up strategies or role-playing techniques to put to use in the bars. You are who you are, and being untrue to yourself will ultimately fail.

The Four Keys will address some universal truths regarding dating. The following chapters apply these truths to some of the more general issues of dating, such as the singles market, those who are married, with or without kids, divorced, empty nesters, and even the millennial market and future trends.

It would be nearly impossible to provide you with in-depth solutions to specific problems you may have in a relationship. Human beings are so complex that the dynamics between any two people are as unique as their fingerprints. There are many good life coaches, relationship counselors, and psychotherapists available to help you learn and grow anytime, anywhere, for a fee.

If you don’t desire to improve, and you just want someone to tell you how wonderful you are and give you sex on each and every date, I have no advice other than this: escort “rent-a-date” services will more than comply with your every wish–also for a fee.

My intent is to help you to positively interact with others—especially those who mean the most to you. The Four Keys I offer are universal truths regardless of whom you are, how you came to be, what you do, where you are in your life, and why you may need help. These, simple precepts apply regardless of your age, race, creed, color, sex, national origin, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity, disability, marital status, or socioeconomic status.

My final suggestion is that you read through the book once to grasp the unique structure I offer to help you achieve more happiness in this world of couples and dating. Afterward, use it as a handbook to develop a deeper awareness of how you can take the keys and use them effectively. Dating for Life will enrich your relationship with any family member, friend, colleague, casual companion, or even the date of your dreams.

If friendship and romance keep the world turning around, then Dating for Life keeps it spinning!

What readers are saying about DATING FOR LIFE

Dating for Life by Craig S. Wilson is a book that everyone will enjoy and benefit from reading whatever your status, age, gender or sexual preference. The author has achieved a level of communication that engages all people in life’s lessons. I connected with this book and enjoyed the conversation with it. It is really a great Date! In fact, this is the only book that I have purchased in quantity to give to my husband, family and friends as Valentine Gifts!
– Joyce Day

Thanks my brother. I have truly been blessed by “Dating for Life”. Your words have put me in remembrance of the things that we must continue to do to keep our relationship strong and vibrant. Even with those who are friends. God has truly gifted you with words to share through your own life-living.
– D.E. Graham