grinchWhy is it that some people succumb to the holiday blues? Often, folks who are lonely often avoid social interactions over the holidays, yet withdrawing can increase feelings of loneliness. They may see others spending time with family or friends and wonder, “Why can’t that be me?” The truth is, it can!

Why do singles without any “significant other” stop dating around the holidays? Typical answers are “it’s awkward.”  The truth is, it can be IF your concept of dating is “finding the one.” Incidentally, the same holds true just before Valentine’s Day.

The word, “dating” is derived from the Greek term didonal, which means “to give.”

Christmas and Hanukkah are times for giving, not taking. Rethink what it means to date. Stop looking for “the one.” Take people out who are friends, colleagues, friends and family and show them a good time, whether it be a walk in the park or a fancy event. Even more importantly, reach out to people in need in ways that help you engage with the world. This could mean donating money to street people; giving Starbucks cards to service workers in your life; volunteering at a shelter.  Ironically, the more you give, the more you will receive. Joy is not a something for hermits; it can only be shared. Even the Grinch came to that realization before it was too late!

And, in going out with joy, focus on having a good time utilizing the principles of Dating for Life. Who knows, you may bolster a new friendship or even meet someone to spend a lifetime with.

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