HOLIDATING PART TWOWhat is the true meaning of Christmas?  Certainly it is the season for giving. But perhaps a more powerful meaning, it is the season forgiving. The greatest gift you can give is to forgive anyone and everyone. The birth of a babe in a manager signifies that we all enter this world free of sin and worry. Forgiving others gives them the chance to start over.  More importantly, it releases you from carrying any baggage. The only things you should carry over the holidays (or anytime) are presents. Hanging onto the past will prevent you from moving forward into the future, which is another reason to continuously be “in the present.” Family and friends can come together in this season of mirth by engaging in JOY, or by EN-JOYing themselves. It’s easy to ENJOY.  Dating for Life is all about giving and JOY.  Take someone, anyone, out on a date and make sure that you and your date are participating in something of mutual interest.  Then, simply be in the moment, go out and have a good time.  It’s that easy.  The Greek origin of dating is “to give.” This year give JOY and companionship to those whom are close to you and folks you need to forgive.  It’s the greatest gift you can give, which of course if LOVE.


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