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Expert Discusses The Risks Of Online Dating

What readers are saying about DATING FOR LIFE

Dating for Life by Craig S. Wilson is a book that everyone will enjoy and benefit from reading whatever your status, age, gender or sexual preference. The author has achieved a level of communication that engages all people in life’s lessons. I connected with this book and enjoyed the conversation with it. It is really a great Date! In fact, this is the only book that I have purchased in quantity to give to my husband, family and friends as Valentine Gifts!
– Joyce Day

Thanks my brother. I have truly been blessed by “Dating for Life”. Your words have put me in remembrance of the things that we must continue to do to keep our relationship strong and vibrant. Even with those who are friends. God has truly gifted you with words to share through your own life-living.
– D.E. Graham

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Wilson Press Release- CHICAGO, January 31, 2013

Relationship Expert Craig S. Wilson Says Using Effective Dating Tactics Can Build Healthier Relationships – CHICAGO, January 31, 2013