V-DAY REVISITEDIt’s going to be an invasion. You don’t know where the beachhead will occur, but you are destined to be taken over. The messages have been sent but are encrypted. V-Day is underway. It’s not a violent overthrow. You’re not a bad person, nor is the invader.  The net result of this invasion is hopefully a major shift for the positive:  a change of heart. Be receptive to opportunities to make new acquaintances, bolster friendships, familial bonds or the possible love of your life.  As the Lord says, Thy will, not My will.

Valentine’s Day isn’t intended to be strictly for lovers.  Do you remember the days in grade school when you gave the kids in your class candy hearts?  You also gave your teacher a candy heart. Why should it be different when you mature and grow older?  If you instead grow wiser, you may, in fact, learn from your children. Similar to Santa Claus, Valentine’s Day is a spirit, and similarly it is the spirit of giving.

The REAL story behind Valentine’s Day?  It’s just another day in the calendar of life. What you do with it is up to you.  So HOW do you want to live this day?  In joy or sadness?  (Trick question—HAVE FUN with Dating for Life.)

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