virtualvdayIn the modern era, you can exist virtually. Your smart phone keeps you connected to information via millions of apps for any functionality.  Sadly, information and connection are two different things. Texting, Facebook, Tweeting, and even e-mails are one-way forms of communication that should be used to provide information. But to truly stay connected, you need to be connected.

Connection with anyone—friend, family member, colleague, or the love of your life—must be formed by two-way conversations. The give-and-take of ideas must flow. Emotions must be felt. Feelings of the heart need to be nurtured by the feelings of touch. You can’t be a virtual Valentine.

What you can be is virtually always available to answer the telephone call, not let it go to voice mail. You should be virtually always attentive to what your friend is truly saying, not merely to what is being said. You need to be virtually always filled with affection, caring, and chivalry. To anyone who treats Valentine’s Day is like Groundhog Day, that one time a year where you check your pulse and determine if a relationship will spring forward, then you are missing the point. Be a virtual Valentine year round, and you will truly enjoy what it means to be Dating for Life.

Happy Valentine moments!

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