Valentine’s Day, one of the original greeting card days, wasn’t designed to honor somebody named Valentine. It was designed to sell greeting cards. Columbus Day honors Christopher Columbus. President’s Day honors American Presidents. Veteran’s Day honors our veterans.  Truly, V-DAY is a misnomer.  However, Valentine moments each day throughout the year makes all the difference in the world.  Instead of gearing up for that one day a year when you are going to put on your chivalry cap and be a great date, why not try joyfully planning a date with anyone you are taking out?  Your family, colleagues, and even acquaintances matter nearly as much as a significant other.  And I certainly hope you treat your partner in life with great respect and honor.  Therefore, think about the four keys in Dating for Life and honor the original Greek derivative of the word DATE (didonal) which means to honor. Not only will you have a better time, but you may even develop a sustainable friendship well beyond what you expected.

Happy Valentine moments!

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